Specific Personal Individual Animal Complaint

If your complaint is relating to an individual animal, we need specifics to investigate so please provide 
the following:

NOTE: We take the welfare and ethical treatment of all companions very seriously. We welcome any concerns regarding a Breeder registered with us and would like to report someone falsely advertising their registration, please contact us and we will perform an investigation into these claims. For all complaints against DBBC REGISTERED breeders and especially if your complaint is relating to an urgent animal welfare concern do not simply notify us, please contact the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League in your state immediately. For more information see our complaint handling policy.

False Accusations. However, if an individual who intentionally makes false accusations against a member or staff of DBBC with the express purpose of damaging the person’s reputation can be subject to a variety of punitive measures as permitted by law. Because laws vary by state, civil remedies might differ and are subject to limitations as imposed by state, federal and local municipalities. There is legal recourse that protects an innocent person from false allegations. Knowingly, false accusations of misconduct against any member or staff of DBBC will not be tolerated. DBBC will take the following actions to restore the falsely accused member or employee’s reputation: removing all references to the charges from the members or employee’s business or personnel file(s) and adding evidence of the unfounded nature of the charge to departmental files that may have to be maintained to satisfy other legal requirements, if any; and, at the employee’s request, confirming to any regulatory agency the finding that the registered member or employee was falsely accused. We also accept anything positive to add or suggest, please feel free dropping us a line and letting us know your thoughts, we are always keen to hear good feedback and suggestions to make your experience better. Email – info@DBBC.com.au