Dog Breeders Brisbane Club is Dedicated To The Protection Of Dog Welfare Through The Integration Of Strong Ethics And Self-Regulation of Dog Breeder Memberships

Dog Breeders Brisbane Club (DBBC)

A very warm welcome to The Dog Breeders Brisbane Club.

We invite dog breeder’s membership registration and support members to legitimise their dog breeding businesses through guidance, knowledge and strong code of ethics that must be adhered to in order to keep the financial, sanctity and honourability through self-regulation for the breeding of our loving extended family of furry babies.

It is a privately owned Boutique Membership Club founded in Brisbane and are part of a non-levy paying group of people engaged in the pleasure of and/or business of breeding Dogs. Although DBBC is an online service only, we are operating as a business in Queensland with our reg. office in NSW.

We do not deal directly with dog exhibitors, administrators, judges or providing dog information pertaining to shows, exhibitions or promotions of selling puppies. Rather are wholly interested in animals and especially dogs’ welfare through individual memberships.

It does not hold infrastructure or employ staff for running telephony services or call centres. The directors, family members, volunteers and stakeholders personally handle all enquiries, memberships, complaints, via email and online services. It does however take visitors enquiries, memberships, complaints and communication responsively and respond via email on behalf of our business services.

Thank you for supporting us and our cause to make a better world for our furry babies.


Unfortunately, though many of us don’t like thinking about it, there are many instances of violence and abuse against animals, particularly companion pets. While many organisations dog breeders community are trying their best to make a difference, it still isn’t enough, as many pets are still subject to this poor treatment each day.

Now, don’t get the Dog Breeders Brisbane Club wrong. By no means are we saying that the work done by these community for breeders organisations isn’t phenomenal. In fact, their work has allowed many animals to receive a second chance at life. Like these fantastic companies who are part of the supportive dog community, we are eager to make a difference by accessing a complex aspect of animal welfare, looking after breeding companion animals and their offspring.

But we do want to point out that there are many instances where injustice toward animals is overlooked, or in some cases, unnoticed altogether. Accordingly, the supportive dog community doesn’t know categorically where the single blame lies but we do know it can be the fault of anyone who comes into contact with that animal during its lifespan.

To Transform Opinions

There are a lot of opinions in the air about why pets in general are mistreated. Whether they have been subject to cruelty, mistreated or abandoned due to overpopulation, many people will quickly jump to breeders as the root cause of the problem. While overpopulation is a significant problem in the companion pet world, we want to educate people that this is the fault of more than just breeders.

Don’t get the Dog Breeders Brisbane Club wrong. There are a lot of people out there who only stand to make a profit. Puppy farms are a big red cross on our radar, and we won’t work with anyone who doesn’t adhere to strict animal welfare legislation.

But for all the bad, there are instances of good, ethical breeding. Not every breeder deserves to be slandered because they operate in the same field as an unethical person. So, at Dog Breeders Brisbane Club, we have created a hub where ethical and well-intentioned breeders can connect. It may not be the only way to end the mistreatment of companion pets. But, for us we see it as a stride in the right direction.

Its for this reason right or wrong we have picked our niche where we believe can make a difference. Let us explain how we intend to make this difference.

Novice Breeders to Follow Their Passion

We want to put an end to unethical backyard breeders while encouraging novice breeders to follow their passion. Honest and good-hearted backyard breeders but also unethical breeders can operate from their homes. In some cases, these premises are likely too small for puppies to grow, leading to socialisation issues and anxiety.

They’re not all to blame because many of these breeders started by accident when their companion pet fell pregnant for the first time, meaning they didn’t have the resources or knowledge to care for a litter appropriately.

For this and other reasons, not all backyard breeders intend to be unethical, but they don’t realise the harm they are creating by not educating themselves or by following strict regulations. We don’t want to sanction these breeders for trying their best.

Rather, we want to provide them with access to the resources they need to supply appropriate care to all litters. That way, they can act within legislation and build a reputable business within the community for breeders.

Those breeders who willingly choose to still act unethically will not have access to our services and will not be permitted to profit from our system.

Help Is On The Way

Dog Breeders Brisbane Club was born from the knowledge that not all dog breeders will get it right the first time. We have a specific interest in helping dog breeders who have just started and need support navigating the resources to keep their companion pets and litters at optimum health.

Many people simply don’t understand what is required to sell a pet ethically, and that’s okay. We don’t discriminate. Instead, we have created the best breeders club in Queensland that ensures all breeders have the information they need to manage a litter while ensuring all animals have the best-quality life.

Some aspects people need to consider but may not even think about include registering their breeding dog, filling in copious paperwork, adhering to birthing and whelping audits, and so much more. Without the right knowledge, the costs to set this up could overturn the desire to fully protect the animal.

Generally, the authorities’ fees and costs to become a dog breeder in our opinion are reasonable however the costs and restrictions made by some independent clubs and institutions add to the novice breeders abandoning their responsibilities for breeding dogs.

This has an ongoing effect on unwanted pups being born and abandonment by the owners because they just can’t simply meet the costs and demands that Breeding Institutions in the community for breeders put on them for becoming a willing or unexpected breeder.

Again, don’t get us wrong. We believe that all this information and regulation means that registered breeders are most likely to be reputable, ethical and of good faith. But, with such a costly, long and conceded process, it’s no wonder so many breeders are likely to skip some if not all steps and accidentally became labelled an Unethical Backyard Breeder.


We Want to Weed Out, Support and Educate Novice Dog Breeders

Dog Breeders Brisbane Club connects Novice Dog breeders with breeding information easily, cost efficiently and as concisely as possible to make sure every Novice Breeder, Companion pet, and offspring meets the legal requirements and the protection and welfare of pets. It is in this way we aim to make a difference.

Dog Breeders Brisbane Club is a privately owned Boutique Membership Club founded in Brisbane and is part of a non-levy paying group of people engaged in the pleasure of and business of breeding Dogs. Our primary service is to legitimise Novice Dog Breeders by providing a basic understanding and code of ethics to follow through with our membership when operating a Dog Breeding Business while supporting the welfare of dogs.

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What is a DBBC Member?

DBBC Members – Consist of a non-levy paying group engaged in dog breeding. For an agreed annual subscription, they benefit from services provided by the club and are also dedicated to the same aims and goals of DBBC.

How Do I Become A DBBC Member? 

Complete an online membership form at your leisure. Once we receive your completed forms, and accept the application we will then set up your membership within 15 business days.

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