Code of Conduct

Registered Breeder Members of DBBC must agree to and abide by our code of conduct.

DBBC Members will always:

  • Provide clean and spacious living environments for all breeding and companion animals
  • Maintain up-to-date health records for all breeding and companion pets in their care
  • Register all their breeding animals and litters with DBBC
  • Maintain up-to-date breeding records for all registered breeding animals
  • Refuse to breed from a dog younger than what a veterinarian has recommended for a specific breed
  • Refuse to breed animals from the same bloodline
  • Refuse to breed animals which carry hereditary diseases. Carrying out DNA screenings is recommended for all breeding animals
  • Refuse to breed more frequently than a veterinarian has recommended
  • Ensure all animals receive routine health check-ups.
  • Ensure all animals in their care are up to date with immunisation
  • Avoid on-selling animals to pet stores. DBBC does not support the sale of pet stores, regardless of the Australian state
  • Refuse to release puppies to new owners before eight weeks of age
  • Ensure that all animals sent via freight are ten weeks of age or older. They must also receive clearance from a veterinarian
  • Prove they are abiding by federal, state and local regulations at all times
  • Ensure all animals sold are microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, and vet checked
  • Ensure all litters are vet checked before accepting deposits. Expressions of interest are permitted prior to vet checks
  • Guarantee all health conditions and concerns are disclosed to prospective buyers
  • Ensure the correct documentation is provided to all new owners
  • Agree that they are subject to internal and external investigations in the event of a complaint
  • Agree to consent to random site and compliance audits

DBBC Promotes Ethical Breeding

All registered breeders of DBBC must abide by our code of conduct. DBBC is passionate about promoting DBBC ethical breeding of all legal pets. We understand that the right care, support and education can help all breeders create environments that are safe for their breeding of animals under their care. To ensure all breeders adhere to our code of conduct, we may conduct thorough checks on all our registered breeders.

If purchasers are seeking pure-bred or cross-bred pets, DBBC is eager to ensure they come from an ethically focused breeder. All breeder applicants are encouraged to obtain an independent vet report which outlines the health information they must have to ensure the best health and temperament of their breeding animal. Following these guidelines can avoid breed-specific health problems to ensure that all animals are as healthy as they can be.

All health information should be made available to potential buyers upon their request.

We expect that all DBBC registered breeders choose to breed due to their love of their animals and desire to help specific breeds flourish. All prospective buyers should be screened to ensure litter is given to only the best suited families. Providing ongoing support and communication to new owners is also recommended by DBBC as it can ensure that the animal is looked after well into the future.

All DBBC breeders must also adhere to local, state and federal laws and legislation relating to:

  • General health and cleanliness
  • General wellbeing
  • Kennel and housing cleanliness, comfort and space
  • Up-to-date inoculations
  • Animals are well-fed and well-groomed
  • Exercise routines are adhered to
  • The premise where pets are kept remains clean and maintained

Should you feel that a DBBC Registered Breeder is working outside of your Local or State Government Laws or is operating unethically, please contact us via email – info@DBBC