This is not your usual everyday dog website where you find pups being sold or giving free advice on how to make money from selling dogs. We don’t support the backyard farming of puppies. If you want that, this is not the place for you.

DOG BREEDERS BRISBANE CLUB, AKA DBBC is a privately owned Boutique Dog Breeders Club founded in Brisbane. It is part of a non-levy paying group of people engaged in the business of breeding dogs. DBBC provides an online service only, we operate as a business in Queensland and have our Reg office in Sydney NSW.

Our primary service is to legitimise novice dog breeders by providing a basic understanding and code of ethics to follow through our membership when operating a Dog Breeding business while supporting the welfare of dogs.

DBBC came about through the efforts of our director, she recognised a need for a dog club that was specifically interested in novice dog breeders’ education. She has been breeding dogs since 2016 and continues to breed dogs to this present day in her own business.

Because her projects and these puppies have been brought up in the family home, amongst lots of working people and around other animals we know how a great puppy should be treated and what is required to build a group of likeminded people as breeders in a united membership with a cause for protecting dog’s welfare. To learn more about her and her business check out her website: