Who Is DBBC?

DBBC is a privately owned Boutique Dog Breeders Club founded in Brisbane who is part of a non-levy paying group of people engaged in the pleasure of and/or business of breeding Dogs. Although DBBC is an online service only, we are operating as a business in Queensland. Our secondary purpose is to cover costs that are incurred to run the business while seeking the care and welfare of Dogs. 

What Is A DBBC Member?

A DBBC member is part of a non-levy paying group engaged in dog breeding. For an agreed annual subscription, they benefit from services provided by the club and are also dedicated to the same aims and purposes of DBBC.

How Does DBBC Operate?

We operate an online marketplace system only, we do not deal directly with dog exhibitors, administrators, or judges. Nor do we directly distribute information about shows, exhibitions or promotions of selling puppies.

Given that we do not have physical retail premises, we do not operate, hold infrastructure, pay staff, have telephone services or run call centres. All those with a stake in the business personally handle all enquiries, memberships, complaints and other queries.

What Does DBBC Do?

DBBC is passionate about supporting members eager to legitimise their dog breeding business. We provide knowledge where possible and hold a code of ethics which must be adhered to. Doing so allows us to maintain the financial, sanctity and honourability of our self-regulated sales platform.

How Do I Become A DBBC Member?

Complete an online membership form at your leisure. Once we receive your completed forms, and accept the application we will then set up your membership within 15 business days.

Do I Need To Register My Breeding Animals And Litters?

Yes. To be a registered breeder with DBBC, you need to register your breeding animals and any litters they produce. This will show prospective buyers that you have healthy litters available, and you are a legitimate breeder.

Who Can Become A Breeder?

Any adults over the age of 18 can become a member. Any person who has been convicted or is under investigation for animal cruelty may not become a DBBC member.

Do My Animals Need To Be Pedigree Or Purebred?

No, they don’t. We accept legal, purebred, pedigree and hybrid animals bred for health and temperament. Breeders must reach a specific standard through their application process.

Do I Need To Microchip My Litter Before I Can Register Them?

Yes. Your pet must be microchipped before we can process any litter registration. We must receive the microchip documentation.

What Do I Need To Do To Renew My Membership?

You are responsible for renewing your membership each year. Your renewal should be completed 4 weeks before your anniversary date to avoid a dormant membership. Dormant memberships may result in a cancelled membership. Simply complete any new membership form onsite and pay the annual fee. Once the new application for membership/renewal documentation has been completed it will take up to 15 business days to process.

How Do I Register My Breeding Animals And Litters?

Simply complete the applicable membership form onsite and pay the annual fee. Once the new application has been completed and is accepted  it will take up to 15 business days to process.

Do I Need A Breeder Prefix?

A prefix is the kennel name in which you register all dogs that you have bred under and is a unique identifier to you. We do not require you to have a breeder prefix. We  issue DBBC registration membership numbers only. Some states, such as Queensland, will require you to obtain a supply number. If you are located in these states, you will need to supply this with all documentation to DBBC. You can contact your local authority to see if this applies to you.

Can DBBC Endorse Or Approve Participation In Shows?

No DBBC is a pure breed / cross-breed pet registry club. We do not endorse participation in any shows. We are also not considered an authority that can grant participation access.

Why Purchase Your Next Companion From A DBBC Member?

All DBBC members must comply with our code of conduct. Any breeders found not complying will be de-registered. We put the health and well-being of animals first to ensure your next furry friend is healthy and ailment-free.

How Do I Report A Member?

We prioritise animal welfare. If you believe a breeder is in breach of our code of conduct or treating any of their breeding animals or companion pets unethically, please contact us immediately. To contact us go to info@dbbc.com.au.

NOTICE: We are passionate about the ethical treatment of companion animals. If you are concerned about the behaviour of a registered breeder or are concerned that someone is falsely advertising services, please contact us. We will take all the precautions to investigate these claims.

For complaints against DBBC registered breeders, please fill out the required form to your best knowledge. If your complaint relates to an urgent matter, please contact the RSPCA or your state’s animal welfare league.

False Accusations: Any individual who makes false accusations against the DBBC team or a registered breeder to damage their reputation is subject to significant measures. These punitive measures will be limited by state law.

False accusations against any member of the DBBC community are not tolerated. DBBC will take the following actions to restore the reputation of a falsely accused victim:

a) Removing all false references

b) Adding evidence that disproves the accusations

c) Confirming to the appropriate bodies that the member was falsely accused

d) Any other recourse that maybe available to us to rectify the false accusation