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At Dog Breeders Brisbane Club, we are passionate about providing memberships for those interested in becoming registered dog breeders. Our Dog Breeder Membership provides breeders with access to a community of buyers. On top of this, it comes with many membership benefits, including access to a variety of resources. These are available at no additional charge to member breeders to ensure they provide the best care to the companion pets and litter in their care.

As a registered breeder, you will also become more recognised in the industry. This dog breeder’s membership, therefore, allows you to show that you will provide a healthy puppy to owners. This factor is often one of the most detrimental when owners are searching for a new companion pet.

What are the benefits of a Breeder Membership in Brisbane?

Breeder membership benefits include:

● Access to services that help you become a better breeder. This includes a breakdown of the regulatory requirements set by the Brisbane Government.
● Access to a community of dog breeders and owners interested in the welfare of breeding dogs.
● Acknowledgement that you are a DBBC dog breeder, which means you have agreed to abide by the highest standards of dog breeding ethics.
● Admittance to a range of resources to help you educate yourself so you can become a better dog breeder
● Breeders Program Queensland discounts and opportunities. This includes access to breeder social events and seminars to help you further your knowledge
● Support from a team of regulators and professionals that are concerned with the welfare of breeding dogs
● Access to profiling capabilities so you can profile your breeding dog(s) and their litter(s)

Breeder Membership
$100 per year
Breeding Dog Registration
$100 per year
* Your breeder membership status must be active in order to buy this subscription.
Litter Registration
$50 per every litter
* Your breeder membership status must be active in order to buy this subscription.

Steps to Obtaining a Dog Breeder’s Membership

Step One: Lodge your expression of interest for a breeder membership
Step Two: Verify your identity and property address with a member of our team should you require help
Step Three: Source a veterinary professional to assist in completing a DBBC membership. You should also provide the details of your elected vet
Step Four: Should we require it your vet will need to complete the relevant documentation we send them. We will then review this internally
Step Five: Process your dog breeder’s membership payment
Step Six: Your membership becomes live and you can begin operating as a registered dog breeder through our Breeder’s Program in Queensland

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